Board of Directors

  The South East Regional Adult Learning Board has from 10 to 20 voting members representing the geographical area and the population that we serve. The board oversees the management of the services provided to the students and has financial responsibility for the funding we receive. The board meets 4 to 5 times a year and holds an Annual General Meeting in September. The board works with the Regional Adult Learning Consultant to carry out its mandate. The executive of the Board has responsibility for the day to day operations of the board and supervises the Manager of Operations. The Executive meets monthly or more often as the need occurs. There are four standing committees: Finance, Human Resources, Communications/Marketing and Nominating. Board members are asked to participate on a committee.

South East Regional Adult Learning Board 2016–2017

Executive Members

President: John Read

Vice-President: Marilyn Lancaster

Treasurer: Denise Bourgeois-Gallant

Secretary:  Vacant

Members at Large: Lorie-Ann Carson / Harry Doyle

Board Members

Ivan Augustine

Catherine Black

Lorie-Ann Carson

Lynn Charlebois

Kathy DeWitt

Harry Doyle

Amanda Fielding

Marilyn Lancaster

Brenda Lewis

Christine Manore

Connie Melanson-Savoy

John Read

Fred Veysey

Janelle Bourgeois

Doug Bradshaw

Denise Bourgeois-Gallant

Ex-Officio Members (Non-voting)

Manager, Employment Division (DPETL): Charles Leblanc

Regional Services Co-ordinator Social Development: Emily Scott

WES Regional Co-ordinator: Pat Ryan

Regional Adult Learning Consultant, DPETL: Dorice Daigle

Manager of Operations, SERALB: Ruth Coates