Welcome to Open Doors: Free Upgrading

  The Open Doors program offers a number of upgrading programs to help you improve your academic skills free of charge and in a flexible, friendly setting. We at Open Doors Adult Learning know you might be approaching the Adult Learning Class with some fear and want to make sure that you have a positive learning experience. At Open Doors you haven’t just joined a class—you’re part of the family! Here are the programs we offer:

GED: The General Educational Development Program

  • All classes are free
  • You work at your own pace and teachers are there to support you when you need them
  • Upgrading in the GED subjects of English (Reading and Writing) Math, Social Studies, and Science are provided
  • When you are ready for the GED exams your teacher will help you register
  • There are daytime and part-time classes
  • GED Online is also available through Open Doors


  • All classes are free
  • Most students start at this level
  • Students can ‘brush up’ on skills needed before entering the GED level
  • English, Math and Critical Thinking Skills are the focus
  • Your teacher will tell you when you are ready for the next level
  • Immigrants who have written and oral English skills at an intermediate level are welcome to apply for our classes
  • Every person who applies will be assessed


  • All classes are free
  • Students who need more work on English or Math start at this level.
  • Students who struggle at this level may be placed with a volunteer tutor until they are ready for a class

Digital Literacy

  • Basic Computer skills training is open to all upgrading learners for free
  • The program runs for one half day a week for 8 weeks
  • The digital teachers bring laptops to the class so you don’t need to have one of your own
  • The digital teachers plan the curriculum based on what learners want to know
  • Classes can also be organized for members of the general public—contact us

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